This is a cover design for the unpublished short story Debt of Love, written around 1960 by my grandmother, Dixie Propp.
A mocking bird was shrilling away at the stars and even the tree toads sang like they knew this was a special May night.
When a group of U.S. Army Corps Engineers arrive in a sleepy Midwest town, recent high school graduate Cindy can’t help but take notice. A young, attractive engineer is exactly the type of man she’s imagined herself with, and charming, red-headed Pike fits the bill.
After hitting it off with Pike, Cindy senses the beginning of something exciting. Though she soon discovers excitement can have undesired and unexpected consequences.
This piece is part of a personal design project, titled Short Proppositions, to design covers for short stories written by my grandparents James and Dixie Propp.
Category: Personal
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